Sunday, March 2, 2008


Just another quick post to put up some recent pictures.

Here, I had asked Seth to smile for me, so that I might have some pictures to put in the Valentines we were mailing to the grandparents. This is one of, let's say, eight or nine shots I took that evening. This was about as close as we got to a real smile. The Valentines went out sans photographs. I swear to god, he's Calvin. All he needs is a stuffed tiger.

Brian and Seth. My handsome boys. How'd I get so lucky?!?

Modeling the new hat and mittens we bought. May be the sole piece of evidence that we even owned this set ... he's certainly never agreed to put them on again. Why are toddlers so @#$%*& stubborn?!?


Karla & Ben said...

Love the mitten pictures. Seth certain looks like his Daddy. :-)

EE said...

he's gorgeous! the first pict is my favorite!