Sunday, April 27, 2008


Batter up!

We took Seth to the Royals game today, versus the Toronto Blue Jays. I think we had a good time, tho Seth was pretty bewildered about why we all wanted to just sit there the whole time. I had to get up with him once for a long walk around the concourse.

He had a blue sno-cone.

We went to see Slugger (the Royals mascot) ... and this is as close as Seth would get to him.

And then after the game, we got to go down on the field and run the bases! That was Seth's favorite part.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, it finally happened. Seth fell in the toilet. He's been standing up to pee the past few days, and doing a pretty good job, but this time he leaned too far forward and his stepstool slipped out from under his feet. Luckily I was walking into the room when it happened so I pulled him out right away. He was VERY upset, as you can imagine.

And no, I didn't laugh.

Not until he fell asleep.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have my first-ever sinus infection, yay me. I had possibly the worst headache of my life last night, did manage to fall asleep but had to have an ice pack on my head all night. Got a prescrip for Doxycycline yesterday -- I have to say, I hate taking meds where all the little warning labels on the bottle take up more room than the main label. TAKE WITH FOOD. You Should Avoid Prolonged or Excessive Exposure to Direct and/or Artificial Sunlight. DO NOT Take Dairy Products, Antacids, or Iron Preparations Within One Hour of This Medication. When Taking this Medication the Effectiveness of Birth Control Pills are Decreased. And, to cap it off, I told one of my coworkers I was taking Doxycycline and she immediately launched into an anecdote about how she took that once and it changed her personality and she had to quit taking it. Wha?!?

Got my new MP3 player last night, but due to volleyball, weather, and sinus infection issues, I have not yet had a chance to get it set up or load any music on it. It's wee, I'll probably lose it in my ginormous purse.

Tonight we go to Lacey's orchestra concert, which really means I'll get to hear about five minutes of music and then I'll spend the rest of the evening chasing Seth around Olathe East High School. Do you think it would raise any eyebrows if we duct taped him to the bleachers?

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Another fairly eventful day. If you consider shopping an event, I mean. Brian had his own agenda today, so Seth and I drove to Lee's Summit (I drove, he sat in the back and hollered at me most of the way), did a little shopping, and then met Susan and Baby Joe for lunch. He was born at the end of December and this was my first time seeing him. I stayed away while Seth and I traded viruses for three months -- made me feel like a terrible friend, but my motives were pure. I am happy to report that he's a very happy, laid-back little Buddha baby with some of the biggest baby blues I've ever seen.

I bought Seth a lot of stuff for summer, mostly shorts, a couple more t-shirts. One new pair of sneakers (Lightning McQueen, natch) and one new pair of sandals. A marked-down slicker from Old Navy. Found some nice towels on sale at Kohl's for $5 per, bought two. Uh...those are for me, not Seth. :o)

Also put together the toddler bed one of my coworkers gave us some time ago, Seth is sleeping in it now. I put pillows on the floor for when he falls out. Not if, when. It's pretty much a given that he will, he's a thrasher and a roller. I'm hoping he'll like this bed enough to not want to sleep with us very often, I just don't sleep when he's in with us. I always end up out on the couch. Probably part of his grand scheme.

What else. Oh yeah, I just bought (online) a Sony Walkman 4GB Video MP3 player, to replace the POS Sony Bean MP3 player I've had for a couple years now. I put up with it as long as I could. Major design flaws. I went to listen to something today on my way home while Seth was asleep, found the battery dead, again, nearly threw the damn thing out the window.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


We're home from Branson, what a weekend. Too cold and windy by far, but we still managed to have a pretty good time.
Let's see, what did we do...

We left Friday morning, after Brian dropped Seth off at preschool. We stopped at Lambert's Cafe south of Springfield for lunch, home of the "throwed rolls." It's a good thing this place has a gimmick; the food is pretty mediocre. And fattening. When we got to Branson, we stopped first at the Tourism Center on the north side of town to pick up our tickets for the train ride. While there, the guy helping us told us that if we listened to the "vacation ownership" sales pitch while at the resort, we'd get $80 cash back from the tourism center, so we said we'd do that. Then we went across the street to Kohl's and bought clothes. Ooh, and they have the coolest new shade of eye shadow now, "golden pink" or something. I bought some of that, too. And some Buzz Lightyear underpants for Seth.

We drove down and found the resort (Wyndham at the Meadows), about four miles south of the main drag, well away from the hillbilly theaters and traffic. Got checked in, found our room, unpacked, relaxed a little. Phone rings, it's someone from the resort saying they'll be in our building soon and can they come by and ask us how we like everything so far. Sure. Guy shows up about ten minutes later, asks us about three questions, gives us a certificate for a free steak dinner and a coupon book.

We left the resort and headed down to the fish hatchery and dam on Table Rock Lake. Because of all the water and flooding down there right now, they had all ten gates on the dam open, first time since 1963, I think someone said. It was pretty impressive. And windy as HELL. My hair was one massive snarl by the time we got out of there, I looked like a troll doll. Don't believe me?
After we fed a few fish at the hatchery, we left there and went to an outlet mall and bought more clothes. I know. It's not like we never see stores up here that have clothes in them. What can I tell you. After that we tooled around and decided to eat at a seafood place called Landry's, on the strip. It was also pretty mediocre, tho a little more high end than Lambert's. Good mood lighting, anyway. I had angel hair with shrimp and scallops and not a hint of garlic, which it sorely needed.

After supper, since we were both tired, we decided to rent a movie and call it a night. Drove around Branson looking for a place called Buster's, could not find it. At all. Decided to go to the Wal-Mart and buy a movie. Walked around calling out titles to each other, could never decide on one we both wanted, and ended up buying air freshener instead. I'll leave it to your fertile imaginations to figure out why Brian needed air freshener. He says he was only thinking of me.

Saturday. Got up, ate breakfast in the unit, went to the two-hour sales pitch. (Some of you who may be reading this...apologies. Yes, we gave them your names and numbers to call. You could get a free weekend at a nice resort, but if this upsets you, we are sorry! All you have to say is "No thanks" after all.) Afterwards, we found the restaurant where we could use the $30 certificate for the steak dinner and had a very good lunch (neither of us ordered steak, btw) that didn't quite cost $30. Naturally, it doesn't cover the gratuity, so our lunch ended up costing us about $8. Not too shabby. Then we drove down to the Landing, a fairly new shopping center on a branch of Lake Taneycomo on the other end of Branson, where we goofed around, shopped, and killed time until our train ride. We had bought tickets for the dinner "cruise" on the train, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

The one downside was the group sitting right across from us on the train, two older couples. One of the guys was a total blowhard who would not shut up. He was loud and stupid, two things I don't have much patience for. When they brought out the dinners his biggest concern was whether they'd bring him "some of that there Heinz 57 sauce" ... for his prime rib! Then, looking at his vegetables, he says, and I quote, "What are these orange things?" They were carrots. Another time, when the train was OBVIOUSLY going faster, he looks up and says, "I think we're picking up speed!" Thank you, Captain Obvious. I wouldn't have known it otherwise.
Let me amend myself; the other downside was that Branson is experiencing flooding right now, and on the train we went past a few spots that saddened me, homes underwater. I got some video of a lamp shade floating out on the lake.
After the train ride we returned to our room and called it a night. We get tired a lot earlier than we used to. This morning we checked out and drove home, stopping once at an antique shop on Highway 13, where I bought something and broke something (they didn't make me pay for it, very nice people). Got home around 2:30 and Seth seemed pretty happy to see us, as were we to see him. We missed him very much and I'm glad we're taking him on our next trip, to Key West in November.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So a few days ago, Seth was goofing around, running back and forth, making a lot of noise. Typical day. I was sitting at the table looking through the mail, I think. All of a sudden I hear, "Once, doce, trece, catorce..." which, for those not in the know, are the numbers 11, 12, 13, and 14 in Spanish. Seth was counting in Spanish! I stopped him and asked him to count starting at one, and he did, he can count from one to (nearly) twenty in Spanish. He learned at preschool.

I, of course, figured it was just something they had memorized, for the most part, and wasn't at all sure he really knew he was counting. Until this weekend, when he tooted two times. He looked at me and said, "Dos toots!"

According to my sister, he's Pinky *and* the Brain.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fourteen, addendum

Oh, and Ben? I promise I'll make you and Erlan some fancy cupcakes!! :o)


We had such a good day yesterday! We went to Wendy and Andy's house to play in their creek and have a campfire and roast hot dogs and make smores and climb trees and play with Logan and Cooper. Seth had a BLAST! (We enjoyed ourselves too, of course.) Once Karla and Ben are home with Erlan, I foresee lots of family fun with the boys out in the woods.