Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lucky Thirteen

Or, Alternatively, Jennifer Trying to Be Clever and Failing Miserably.

As usual.

What a long, busy week *that* was. I just moments ago got Seth to lay down for the night. Lie down? Lay down. Grammar Police! His new thing now is to give me about eight minutes and then call, utterly pathetically, "Mommy...I need you to take care of me!" Which is code for "I want to sleep in your bed and kick you in the kidneys all night." And my coworkers wonder why I shuffle around and yawn all day now.

We had company for lunch today, as previously mentioned. And yes, I got the house cleaned, and no, A-M, you're NOT company. And if you're not careful, you won't be for Quite Some Time. I cooked a brisket, as requested, and it was tough and disappointing. All the barbecue sauce in the world couldn't have helped that slab of meat. Bleah.

Where DID the rest of the weekend, go, tho? How is it already 9:00 pm on Sunday night? How can I POSSIBLY already have to go back to what I lovingly refer to as The Bog of Eternal Stench? I was on my way in the other day, headed west on College, and could see our building looming in the distance. On the radio, as tho through divine intervention, a song started playing ... "Highway to Hell." Singularly well-timed. God, I hate my job.


Karla & Ben said...

Ben just saw the post with the pix of the cupcakes... now he is drooling on himself. You don't have to clean for us when we bring Erlan to visit Seth!

EE said...

We still always seem to have a kid in our bed...though it's never the 13year old anymore. I feel your pain!