Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Big weekend at our house -- Seth wore big-boy underpants! Of course, they're the tiniest, cutest little tighty-whities ever, nothing "big" about them. The venture was 95% successful, he had one accident all weekend. We were very proud.

He's also writing his name by himself now. It is just SO amazing, watching him grow and learn so much, every day. Brian, of course, is just waiting for him to be big enough to mow the lawn. :o)

What else. Plans are underway for our five-year anniversary weekend next month, and we're also already planning our days for when we'll be in Key West, in November. Dolphins and glass-bottomed boats are of primary interest. We're all really looking forward to that trip. Not least because it'll be November, and we'll be in Key West for a week.


Karla & Ben said...

Key West sounds really good right now. Can we come? ;-)

EE said...

We were in Key Biscayne about a year ago. I love the Keys!