Friday, June 19, 2009


Seems as tho I just haven't had much time to write on the blog lately. For those desiring a few trip details...Myrtle Beach was nice, but it ain't no Key West! We did have some excellent seafood at a buffet called Captain George's, and we spent some very fun and relaxing days at the beach. Excellent body surfing and wave jumping opportunities. Going out just past the breakers and riding waves makes me happier and more relaxed than just about anything else in the world. It's a true wonder that I live in the middle of the country and not on the edge of it somewhere. I must really love Brian!

Back at home and at work now, of course. Time marches on. I'd love to say we have some great Fourth of July plans approaching, but we do not. We might hook up with some folks we know whose son Seth goes to preschool with our son Seth, they're pretty cool. We chatted with them today at the ice cream social at the preschool and due to Joe's work and all the hay mowing/raking/baling about to commence they never seem to be able to make firm plans for anything in June or July either, so even if the guys are out in a field somewhere, Cindy and I and the two Seths may manage to make a day of it. Sparklers may even be involved at some point. (Yes, the metal ones! Dammit, we're mollycoddling these kids!!!)

Did you know I found out there's a Target right down the street from my office? I love Target. If Brian were paying more attention, the words "I'm going to Target today" would send a cold chill down his spine. They make more money off of my impulse purchases than I care to discuss. ("Hm. These flip-flops are only five dollars. I'm wearing flip-flops today, and I have four or five more pair at home, all rather similar. But these are only five dollars. I must have them!") (True story.)

I also love The Penguins of Madagascar right now, it is hands down my favorite new TV show this year. Seth's too. The new episode "Needle Point" is one of the funniest cartoons I've ever seen, I laughed my ass off. Tom McGrath is a comic genius, I am absolutely in love with his voice and comic timing (he's Skipper). In the movie Madagascar II, when he's in labor negotiations with the chimps, who are demanding paid maternity leave, and he goes "Maternity leave?" (then looks under the table for a moment, and pops his head back up) "You're all males!" leaves me gasping for breath every time.

Too much information? I was afraid of that...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Myrtle Beach (June 2009)