Saturday, May 2, 2009


We went to Worlds of Fun today, the weather cooperated and our friends Jim and Trisha Williams were there, from St. Louis, with their kids Sydney and Jake. Syd sang in a choir competition this morning (still waiting to hear how her group did) and then they spent the rest of the day at WoF. Seth really enjoyed himself, I think. We spent the first part of the visit in the Camp Snoopy area, with the rides for the little kids. There's a little roller coaster there, the Wacky Worm. Seth rode it six times! Snoopy and Lucy came out to see the little kids but Seth wouldn't go near them (truly his mother's son!). Then we hooked up with Jim and Trisha and had some lunch (four slices of pizza, three fountain drinks, and one water = $38), and then split up and rode some other rides. Brian and I did manage to ride the Mamba while Seth went with Lacey and Trisha. We also rode the Octopus, since Seth was big enough if we accompanied him. The ride I really thought he'd enjoy, Le Taxitour, he hated. Go figure. Then shortly before we left, we found a little "theatre" where the Peanuts characters shared a little stage with any kids there and they sang and played some games. Seth finally agreed to share some space with adults in furry costumes, it was very cute.

In any case, we all had a good time and it was GREAT to see the Williams family again, however brief. Hopefully we'll see them again before another year goes by.