Friday, July 18, 2008


I see that it's been a little while since I posted. I have been insanely busy at work, and have had little time for my witless meanderings.

Let's see...uh...I'm drawing a blank here. Oh, the reunion! I knew there was something I meant to talk about. I went to my 20th high school reunion last weekend, sort of. By which I mean, we got there too late for the event in the morning, attended the midday picnic (during which it rained), and then skipped the party/dance in the evening. We were having too nice a time at Wendy and Andy's house and decided to just stay put. Yes, for that I paid $50.

So how was it? It was underwhelming. Very low turnout, very unexciting. Very not worth $50.

What else. Brian and I have planned a long weekend in Nashville, we'll be there in late August, and we're taking Seth. I bought tickets to see Backyardigans Live!, which I'm sure Seth will enjoy very much, and Brian and I ... will not. :o) I can just barely stand the television show. We're not telling him about it, so if you read this, don't mention it to Seth, please!! We're also going to try and book a spot on a nature "cruise" on the Cumberland River, and have a big breakfast at the Loveless Cafe.

I'm lobbying for a date night this weekend, so we can go see The Dark Knight. I hear it's quite good.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


We were in Marshall yesterday for a Fourth of July picnic. Brian, Seth, Lacey and I drove down and arrived at the park around 1:00 and went swimming at the "aquatic center" ... I guess they spent too much money on renovations to continue calling it a swimming pool. It's pretty nice, tho the water was a trifle chill. Seth's lips turn blue pretty quickly.

Headed over to the shelter close to 3:00, Margaret and Larry were already there and George and Dottie Bayne arrived shortly thereafter, about the same time as my cousin Tim. Mary Vale and Howard came a little later, and then George and Dottie's son Steve and his family (wife Katherine, kids Patrick, Danielle, and Julie) showed up around 5:00. We had burgers, dogs, all the usual fixin's , and a very nice time. Stayed for fireworks (a wee bit mediocre *and* behind a stand of trees), and got home around 11:30. A long day, but a good one.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Oh, man, the last two days have been interesting.

Yesterday, Seth got the Jeep we bought him. I found this used battery-powered Jeep on Craigslist for $80, couldn't pass it up. Even has a new battery in it. My dad and his wife very kindly picked it up for us and brought it down last night. Seth *loves* it. So far he's made a lot of Nascar-laps around the yard (big circles going left) and he's run into the swing twice, but he loves it. Even ran the battery down already.

Today, I had to go to Target after work to do some shopping, and Seth.... Have I mentioned that he's been watching Star Wars? The original three films, I mean. Not the "prequels" which barely count. I don't even own those ridiculous movies. Anyway, he likes Luke and he talks a lot about how Darth Vader is his dad and how they fought and that Vader cut off Luke's hand. So we were in Target and they had some lightsabres on sale. So we spent the rest of the time in Target with him trailing along behind the grocery cart going "I am a Jedi!" and swinging a purple lightsabre around. I'm sure they were glad to see us leave.

Oh, I almost forgot. In the car on the way to Target, Seth told me it was okay to eat boogers because they're green like grapes. That sounds *distinctly* like something only someone with a Y chromosome could come up with. Or admit to.