Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I just read an article about how women who repress their anger and don't have "fights" with their husbands really put their health at risk. They may as well have put my name in there somewhere, I'm a professional anger-represser. It's my thing, it's what I do. Obviously, it's going to kill me. So I just emailed Brian and told him I wouldn't do it anymore and did he prefer sudden, short explosions of rage, or calm "chats" about how we're making each other insane. And then I rattled off a few things he does that make me nuts. Simple stuff, like not getting the front door shut all the way, tracking mud through the house, and so on. No response yet. Probably pissed him off. :o)

Busy week here. Brian took three of the steers to Warrensburg this morning, and has a volleyball game tonight. He's taking Lacey to a concert on Friday night, her birthday present. Sunday we're having her birthday dinner at our house, so I'll be cleaning like a mad woman on Saturday. Occasional company is good, gets the house clean. :o)


Annie Z said...

sooo....... I take it I'm not "company"?
(I'm going to pay for that later, aren't I?)

EE said...

I also read that you need to have arguments in front of the kids so that they can see appropriate conflict resolution.
These days, though, we don't have much to argue about. Think we got that out of our system in our 20s.