Monday, March 10, 2008


At risk of seeming obsessed with this topic (among those who know me well, at any rate), I'm very excited to report that yesterday, we did not have to change a single diaper, Seth went on the "big boy" potty all day!! Of course, he's going for a new car, so he had some serious motivation. We did finish out the chart, so he knows we owe him that car now ... I bought it off eBay over the weekend and now we just have to see how patient he'll be with us while we're waiting for it to land in the mailbox.

I'd consider it an unqualified Good Day except that he was also sick all day, threw up four or five times. So it was also a Bad Day. Now I'm just waiting to see how long before I get sick, too. I consider it an Inevitability.

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EE said...

We bribed my first with a car for potty training, too.
She regressed once she got it. It sat for several months before she was able to play with it again.
Hope this isn't the case for you.