Thursday, March 20, 2008


The cupcakes for Seth's Easter party at preschool tomorrow turned out rather well, if I do say so myself. (Seth thinks they're pretty cool, too ... you can even see on the cupcake in the top left corner where he swiped some icing.) :o)

And here are just some recent photos.

Not a great picture, but you can see the tooth he chipped on Valentine's Day. No, not kissing some icky girl. He crashed into another kid in the cafeteria at preschool.

Seth and I were sitting at the table when I suddenly realized I was having a one-sided conversation with his rear end.

He fell asleep in the chair!


EE said...

Love the cookies!
The picture of him asleep on the chair...precious!

Annie Z said...

The cupcakes turned out extremely well. Make enough to bring on Sunday? :o)
I see Seth has inherited the "sleep anywhere-anytime-any position" gene, too.

Karla & Ben said...

Nice cupcakes my domesticated friend. Love the pix of Seth in the chair. A nap is good anytime, any place.