Saturday, May 3, 2008


Big day -- we got to meet Erlan today!! Seth was SO excited, he talked about it over and over last night, and when we got to Karla and Ben's house this morning he ran right in and started playing with Erlan.

We were VERY impressed with how calm and happy Erlan was. I was afraid he'd be shy or withdrawn with us, total strangers, but he's very chill and laid-back. Karla and Ben bonded with him very quickly and have given him so much love, I think it'll really help Erlan's transition to life in this country. What a lucky, lucky kid!!

I'm just so happy for Karla and Ben, there aren't even words. I foresee lots of trips between our house and theirs in our future!!

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EE said...

I'm so jealous! Can't wait until we get to meet Erlan! Hopefully, I'll get to meet your little one as well!