Sunday, May 18, 2008


Fairly quiet weekend. Both my parents and my father's wife were here yesterday, and today I managed to get a lot done around the house, including cleaning the oven, which I hate doing. Seth and I were on our own for most of the day and I think we had a nice day together, the mood stayed pretty good all day long.

Seth is doing something kind of funny now, tho I think it's really heralding the advent of The Fib. Brian's been after him for some time now to stop sucking his thumb, and what Seth has really learned is just not to do it so much when Daddy is around. He certainly hasn't stopped sucking his thumb(s). What he's been doing lately is when he sees that Daddy has entered the room, he'll pull his thumb out of his mouth and say "Daddy, I'm not sucking my thumb!" Which, at that moment, is the literal truth. Brian will say, "But you were sucking your thumb," and Seth usually replies "But I'm not sucking my thumb now." There's no arguing with that, and he knows it. Tonight, Brian said "Your thumb is wet, I can see it from here." So...the *next* time it happened, Seth wiped his thumb off before he said anything. And of course, Brian and I laughed.

Tell me honestly...we're raising an evil genius, aren't we. Should we get him started in politics sooner, or later?

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