Friday, May 9, 2008


We got Seth signed up for swimming lessons last night, he starts in June and we go every Saturday for eight weeks. They're Level 1 Red Cross lessons; I'm just hoping he'll be comfortable and maybe a little more safe in the water afterward, so that it's not something I'm anxious about while we're in Key West. He's getting SO independent and I want him to be able to enjoy playing in the water without having Mom hover quite so much.

Mother's Day is this Sunday, I'm sure you're all aware. Brian invited his family over and we're grilling steaks; my family won't be there. Guess I'll be cleaning house all day tomorrow. What a treat.

Looks like the summer movie season is getting underway; I have a list of films I hope we manage to see - Indiana Jones IV, Kung Fu Panda, Wall-E, The X-Files, Dark Knight. Might I finally be emerging from my "gray period"? Just don't ask me if I watched this or that television show last night, I promise you I didn't. I don't have *any* shows anymore, nothing at all that I watch regularly. If I can catch an episode, I'll try to sit down for a Friends rerun, The Ace of Cakes, How It's Made, or the show on Travel Channel about digging for "treasure" where the goofy chick travels around digging for aquamarines or diamonds or whatever. That's actually something I'm interested in doing some day, dig for diamonds or pan for gold. As with everything else, that "some day" will be when Seth is older and can participate more. I have so many cool things I want to go do, but I want him to remember doing them!


Annie Z said...

I remember I "passed" the red cross swimming class by frantically leaping for the catch pole the life guard held in front of me like a carrot for a donkey. I was so busy trying to stay out of the water I didn't notice I was in it. What a great idea to get him ready for your trip.

Wendy D said...

you and the Indiana movie - no way!!! We DVR'd the Indiana movies for the boys and they have loved the, especially Cooper.

Cooper is doing swimming as well this summer - gotta keep everyone safe in the water. Come up to Marshall and we'll all go to the cool pool here.