Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just a quick update. Dodge couldn't get neutered today; what we thought was just kennel cough is apparently a real-life upper respiratory infection (same thing??) so he's got to go on a round of antibiotics and then get neutered. Brian said they couldn't get him back in the kennel this morning when he dropped him off, which makes me feel terrible. I'm sure he's feeling totally rejected right now. I'm going to see if I can leave work early tomorrow to go spring him.

And these are just some funny pics from this weekend. The first thing I saw when I walked in the bedroom was this:

which appears to be a scene from The Thing from the Swamp. AAUUGGH! The alligator ate Lacey!

And then Seth!

And this was at Wal-Mart the other day. What a daredevil!

Oh, and I found my copy of My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes, I'm so excited!! I thought it was lost forever, stuck in that tear in the time-space continuum that Seth found when he was first walking. My Arbonne mascara is in there, I know it! (Mrs. Whatsit has probably used it up by now...)

AND, Seth slept in his new big-boy bed last night for the first time, we bought a twin bed yesterday and he seems to like it, slept in it last night with no argument, no wistful "Can I sleep in your bed?" instead. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that he continues to like his new bed!


Wendy D said...

Wow! Moving to a big bed gives them sooo much freedom. Glad he liked it and don't worry about those late night early morning visits. Just snuggle a little and then take him back to his bed and know that all will be well

Wendy D said...

Love the tunnel too!