Tuesday, May 6, 2008


“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.” – Arthur Miller

We’re in kind of a bad situation here at work. Yesterday, one of the owners informed us that a coworker has been embezzling money (a LOT of money) from the company, that they confessed to it over the weekend and that they were, of course, no longer employed with us.

To say we were all shocked is something of an understatement. Flummoxed is also an applicable term here. This was someone we liked and trusted and this has totally blindsided us. I'm still having trouble coming to terms with it, a day later.

For me, the most upsetting thing has been that everything this person did while they were working here will now be called into question. Everything will seem suspicious in retrospect. And all the pleasant memories I have of this person will be completely overwhelmed by the betrayal. I could try to have an understanding of why they did what they did but I've decided not to give it that much thought. We have to repair the damage here and move on. I can only hope that this former coworker finds a way to straighten themselves out and repair the damage they've done to their family.

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