Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Oh, man, the last two days have been interesting.

Yesterday, Seth got the Jeep we bought him. I found this used battery-powered Jeep on Craigslist for $80, couldn't pass it up. Even has a new battery in it. My dad and his wife very kindly picked it up for us and brought it down last night. Seth *loves* it. So far he's made a lot of Nascar-laps around the yard (big circles going left) and he's run into the swing twice, but he loves it. Even ran the battery down already.

Today, I had to go to Target after work to do some shopping, and Seth.... Have I mentioned that he's been watching Star Wars? The original three films, I mean. Not the "prequels" which barely count. I don't even own those ridiculous movies. Anyway, he likes Luke and he talks a lot about how Darth Vader is his dad and how they fought and that Vader cut off Luke's hand. So we were in Target and they had some lightsabres on sale. So we spent the rest of the time in Target with him trailing along behind the grocery cart going "I am a Jedi!" and swinging a purple lightsabre around. I'm sure they were glad to see us leave.

Oh, I almost forgot. In the car on the way to Target, Seth told me it was okay to eat boogers because they're green like grapes. That sounds *distinctly* like something only someone with a Y chromosome could come up with. Or admit to.


EE said...

LOL! Welcome to the world of little boys.
Sadly, we own every Star Wars movie and action figure ever made. I think we have a few light sabers, too.
We've got to get our boys together!!!

Kristal said...

Oh my gosh. Your son is hilarious. Green grapes. That's going to make me laugh a long time.