Saturday, July 5, 2008


We were in Marshall yesterday for a Fourth of July picnic. Brian, Seth, Lacey and I drove down and arrived at the park around 1:00 and went swimming at the "aquatic center" ... I guess they spent too much money on renovations to continue calling it a swimming pool. It's pretty nice, tho the water was a trifle chill. Seth's lips turn blue pretty quickly.

Headed over to the shelter close to 3:00, Margaret and Larry were already there and George and Dottie Bayne arrived shortly thereafter, about the same time as my cousin Tim. Mary Vale and Howard came a little later, and then George and Dottie's son Steve and his family (wife Katherine, kids Patrick, Danielle, and Julie) showed up around 5:00. We had burgers, dogs, all the usual fixin's , and a very nice time. Stayed for fireworks (a wee bit mediocre *and* behind a stand of trees), and got home around 11:30. A long day, but a good one.

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EE said...

We're heading to Marshall in a few weeks for a family reunion at the park. I'm amazed that the "pool" is practically empty every time we've been there...such a shame.
Looks like you all had a fun weekend!