Friday, July 18, 2008


I see that it's been a little while since I posted. I have been insanely busy at work, and have had little time for my witless meanderings.

Let's see...uh...I'm drawing a blank here. Oh, the reunion! I knew there was something I meant to talk about. I went to my 20th high school reunion last weekend, sort of. By which I mean, we got there too late for the event in the morning, attended the midday picnic (during which it rained), and then skipped the party/dance in the evening. We were having too nice a time at Wendy and Andy's house and decided to just stay put. Yes, for that I paid $50.

So how was it? It was underwhelming. Very low turnout, very unexciting. Very not worth $50.

What else. Brian and I have planned a long weekend in Nashville, we'll be there in late August, and we're taking Seth. I bought tickets to see Backyardigans Live!, which I'm sure Seth will enjoy very much, and Brian and I ... will not. :o) I can just barely stand the television show. We're not telling him about it, so if you read this, don't mention it to Seth, please!! We're also going to try and book a spot on a nature "cruise" on the Cumberland River, and have a big breakfast at the Loveless Cafe.

I'm lobbying for a date night this weekend, so we can go see The Dark Knight. I hear it's quite good.


EE said...

I got the low-down from Karla about the reunion on the phone the other night. I was hoping for some hot gossip... very disappointing, as she didn't have a thing;)
Where were the night activities held? I forgot to ask her.
Your Nashville trip sounds fun. We took the kids to Barney Live years ago. It actually turned out to be a very good time:o

Karla & Ben said...

So you must have fallen out of your seat when you heard that I went to the reunion. It seems that hell froze over, so I went... It was nice to see Mark again. As you said, underwhelming was the word. There was nobody there. Maybe 30 people from our class? Maybe? Supposedly Lori is planning something for Homecoming.