Saturday, April 19, 2008


Another fairly eventful day. If you consider shopping an event, I mean. Brian had his own agenda today, so Seth and I drove to Lee's Summit (I drove, he sat in the back and hollered at me most of the way), did a little shopping, and then met Susan and Baby Joe for lunch. He was born at the end of December and this was my first time seeing him. I stayed away while Seth and I traded viruses for three months -- made me feel like a terrible friend, but my motives were pure. I am happy to report that he's a very happy, laid-back little Buddha baby with some of the biggest baby blues I've ever seen.

I bought Seth a lot of stuff for summer, mostly shorts, a couple more t-shirts. One new pair of sneakers (Lightning McQueen, natch) and one new pair of sandals. A marked-down slicker from Old Navy. Found some nice towels on sale at Kohl's for $5 per, bought two. Uh...those are for me, not Seth. :o)

Also put together the toddler bed one of my coworkers gave us some time ago, Seth is sleeping in it now. I put pillows on the floor for when he falls out. Not if, when. It's pretty much a given that he will, he's a thrasher and a roller. I'm hoping he'll like this bed enough to not want to sleep with us very often, I just don't sleep when he's in with us. I always end up out on the couch. Probably part of his grand scheme.

What else. Oh yeah, I just bought (online) a Sony Walkman 4GB Video MP3 player, to replace the POS Sony Bean MP3 player I've had for a couple years now. I put up with it as long as I could. Major design flaws. I went to listen to something today on my way home while Seth was asleep, found the battery dead, again, nearly threw the damn thing out the window.


Annie Z said...

I bet he even kicks when he's in your bed. If he starts to hiccup all the time we know he's inherited all the "bad" genes!

Karla & Ben said...

Hey. A day of shopping sounds pretty good to me. :-) Looking forward to posts about the toddler bed. Our free toddler bed is a princess bed inherited from neighbors of Kathi's. I think Erlan will love it!

EE said...

He's absolutely adorable!
We cannot let Karla put Erlan in a princess or not!