Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have my first-ever sinus infection, yay me. I had possibly the worst headache of my life last night, did manage to fall asleep but had to have an ice pack on my head all night. Got a prescrip for Doxycycline yesterday -- I have to say, I hate taking meds where all the little warning labels on the bottle take up more room than the main label. TAKE WITH FOOD. You Should Avoid Prolonged or Excessive Exposure to Direct and/or Artificial Sunlight. DO NOT Take Dairy Products, Antacids, or Iron Preparations Within One Hour of This Medication. When Taking this Medication the Effectiveness of Birth Control Pills are Decreased. And, to cap it off, I told one of my coworkers I was taking Doxycycline and she immediately launched into an anecdote about how she took that once and it changed her personality and she had to quit taking it. Wha?!?

Got my new MP3 player last night, but due to volleyball, weather, and sinus infection issues, I have not yet had a chance to get it set up or load any music on it. It's wee, I'll probably lose it in my ginormous purse.

Tonight we go to Lacey's orchestra concert, which really means I'll get to hear about five minutes of music and then I'll spend the rest of the evening chasing Seth around Olathe East High School. Do you think it would raise any eyebrows if we duct taped him to the bleachers?


Annie Z said...

No, I think you should get one of those retractable leashes. That way he has a little lee-way.
Hmm, sounds like your doctor gave you more powerful meds than I received for my first sinus infection in December. If you do suddenly turn into a sunny, optimistic, non-sarcastic person we'll know why.
(I'm not invited back now, am I?)

EE said...

I love the commercials that state the side effects are compulsive gambling, eating, and shopping!
I'd love to see picts of Seth and the duct tape;)