Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Waiting to hear what's going on back east tonight; apparently my cousin Alan suffered a "significant stroke" today. He's about 44, 45 yrs old, too young for this. His older brother, my cousin Rocky, died in 2001, and their father, my Uncle Butch, died just a couple years ago. Not sure what is going on with that branch of the Zarrelli family but I don't like it!!

Other updates...we're looking forward to getting to meet Gabriella Arnold later this week. James and Kristal are in MO for a week (well, Kristal and Ella are, anyway) so we're meeting up with them on Thursday evening so that we can visit with all three of them before James leaves for work commitments.

[I bought a new book I'm thoroughly enjoying right now, Michael Palin's Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years. I don't know what it is about diaries or journals, but I find them fascinating, and here's a very funny guy talking about a very interesting topic during a very interesting period of time.

We bought the movie Bolt recently for Seth. I'd had three or four people talk about how funny it is, especially the hamster, Rhino. I was underwhelmed, to say the least. The pigeons in that movie were funnier than Rhino, and that's not really saying much. I much prefer the penguins and King Julian in the Madagascar movies. And the fact that I'm arguing the merits of one set of animated characters over another is really peculiar, anyway...

What else. Uh...I finally got some "girl time" this past weekend with Wendy and Karla. We met up in Lee's Summit for lunch and some power shopping. It was much needed, appreciated, and enjoyed. We're next hoping to get together in May at Wendy and Andy's for a splash-in-the-creek day followed by a campfire and cookout. That's, uh, not just for the girls, by the way, that's for all of us. :o)

Some pics from Easter.

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Wendy D said...

Hey You can splash in the creek if you want, I'll let ya!