Sunday, April 26, 2009


There is a duck who has made a nest under the edge of a large round hay bale, one of the many that's currently in our yard. Her feathers are about the same color as the hay, except for a flash of white and green. I almost missed seeing her, she was very well tucked away. I didn't get too close, I didn't want to scare her or frighten her away. Of course, now I will worry about her and her eggs. We have dogs and cats roaming around, after all. I'm going to pretend it's the same duck that I found in our basement last year (or was that two years ago?) as that makes the story better. She was so happy that we got her out without hurting her that she decided to come back and lay her eggs nearby.

An update on my cousin Alan's condition: he is alert, can eat solid foods, recognizes his family, and can speak (tho with some slurring). I haven't heard any update on his paralysis, so I have no idea if that will improve or if he'll remain partially paralyzed. Still don't know much about strokes, even tho I watched my Grandmother essentially disappear before our eyes when she had her first one. Or maybe that's why. I think I tend to avoid the topic.

We still have two kittens, Mama cat has relocated them to one of the smaller sheds now. The female has long hair, white with black and orange thrown in. I've been calling her Fluffernutter. The male has shorter hair, white with black and gray spots/stripes. Tried calling him KitKat but it hasn't stuck, will try coming up with something else. Have a feeling they'll end up being my outside cat family.

Another weekend flown past, very little to show for it. Didn't even really get to sleep in, either day. The wind woke me this morning. I really, Really, REALLY hate spring/summer storms, and am already sick to death of the wind. It just will not let up.

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