Thursday, August 14, 2008


Just a short post to put up a few pictures taken recently. Still nothing much going on. We've added a jaunt to the Land Between the Lakes to the itinerary of our Nashville trip next week. Brian wants to go on a canoeing excursion, I want to take Seth to the planetarium, and we both apparently want to spend a lot more money on gas than originally planned.

Slim4Life update, in case anyone's wondering. I've lost about 36 lbs, and 12.5 inches total. I've almost hit my weight loss goal, and almost hit my jeans-size goal, so probably just a few more weeks to go. Three, maybe four. I had to cut nearly all carbs and dairy out of my diet, so I haven't had cheese or milk or pasta or good bread for a very, very ... very ... long time. Oddly, the thing I've missed the most is the milk. I only drink 1% milk, I never thought for a minute I would be told No Milk, but there you go. No Milk. (I do take calcium supplements.) Hopefully once I move out of the Weight Loss phase and into the Stabilization phase, I get my milk back. Right now, if they said you could have milk OR pasta, hands down it would be milk. And that surprises me.

So, pictures. The Darth Vader costume was very kindly given to me by a coworker, whose own kids have outgrown it. She heard about the lightsaber and appeared at work the next day with the Vader costume. Seth wears it a LOT, especially the cape and mask. He's even taken it to preschool a few times. What a weirdie! The other shots are just random.


Annie Z said...

What a weirdie, indeed! Is he bringing it Sunday?
Hmm, I wonder if this is a genetic trait? :O)

EE said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I need to drop about 20 and the low-sodium diet just isn't doing it.
Are you all going to see Clone Wars on Friday?