Thursday, August 14, 2008


The other day, my sister and I texted each other back and forth for about an hour, just with movie quotes. I thought it might be fun to list some of my faves and see (if anyone's even reading this anymore) how many of them people recognized...

1. Six thousand dollars? It's not even leather!
2. It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.
3. Dost thou have a washroom?
4. Ya little zipperneck!
5. Does Barry Manilow know you've been raiding his wardrobe?
6. Aw, man, now they're killing retards! (Then why ain't you dead?)
7. Old man, you give those dogs one more piece of my food, I'm gonna kick you 'til you're dead!
8. Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!
9. He'll regret it to his dying day...if ever he lives that long.
10. Swine maid!
11. Somebody's going to have go back and get a shitload of dimes!
12. Eleanor, with one hand tied behind you.
13. How dare he make love to me and not be a married man!
14. Could you please step on the same foot at the same time! My tits are falling off!
15. Everybody's got a right to be a sucker once.


Annie Z said...

am I barred from replying?

EE said...

OK, I know a few of these... you need to list the answers. This was fun!

Karla & Ben said...

"Careful mate, those aren't chocolate buttons" Sid from Flushed Away.

"the $#itter was full." Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation.

I love movie quotes.

Kristal said...

Yes, you definitely need to list the answers!