Saturday, June 7, 2008


Okay. I just watched the trailer for Kevin Costner's new movie Swing Vote, and I felt compelled to get on here and write that no matter what movie he makes, no matter how much of an Actor he tries to be, whether it's light or dark or something kind of gray (or watery) ... if he, at any point in time in the film (or even on a show talking about the film), giggles, I will watch it. I have loved Costner since Silverado, wherein he giggled quite often, if memory serves, and have stood by him through thick and through thin. Waterworld bedamned. I like Kevin Costner and I will continue to watch his movies.

Let's just keep him giggling, tho, okay?


EE said...

LOL! He doesn't really do it for me...not like Mark Wahlberg;)

pamela said...

Oh, he definitly does it for me! And it's his laugh that I think is my most vavorite thing about him. That and his "eye crinkles". LOL! You should see his you tube video from the Bill Maher show "Politicaly Incorrect". He laughs alot!

Also, the character that he plays in Swing Vote" reminds me of the same goofy, lovable character that he played in "Silverado".

Sincerely, Pamela

Kristal said...

My dad has seen Waterworld like 10 times. He can't help but watch it when it's on TV. He loves it. :0)